The Wrath of Cow

For a few days now, Cow has been taking it out on poor Bunny.

It all started when Bunny had no appetite that day. The next day, I paid more attention to Bunny and while I was cuddling him, Cow came by and suddenly smacked Bunny on his head. It caught me totally by surprise.

After that, Cow displayed all his jealousy pangs. Whatever Bunny got, Cow wanted the same.

Both of them get daily patio trips all the time, but now, Cow wanted more. Once a day wasn’t enough anymore. Whenever Bunny came out for a trip, Cow demanded for one as well even though he had already been out.

Cow would growl at Bunny and try to pick a fight with him.

Cow wanted to monopolise Bunny’s Blue House for naps too. He demanded for more petting sessions as well.

Just by paying a bit more attention to Bunny that day had given rise to….

….the Wrath of Cow!

If Bunny gets to take a Blue House nap once a day, I want it twice a day!

Poor Bunny Bun Buns….it took a few days to get things back to normal.

One would think that jealousy pangs won’t exist after 15 years…but it does!

P.S. Bunny has been eating well since that day, so that’s a great relief.

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