Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Jacqueline Wong Mei Lin’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Hujan.

Updates on the two previous cats, Charlie and Blackie, are below.

Hujan was a very young mother (6 months) who had given birth to two kittens in OUG in an old lady’s front porch. Although the old lady refused to feed her and tried to chase her away, she chose to keep her kittens there. The lady wanted to call someone to come and collect and dispose of the whole family ☹

Once the lady called me, I went to see her. I tried to convince the old lady to continue to feed Hujan once released but she refused. I then arranged to trap the mother and the kittens.

Since then the kittens have found homes, and Hujan has been spayed and vaccinated. Since the lady refuses to feed Hujan, I am unable to return her as she will not be cared for.

Since I have some “space” in my colony, I plan to release Hujan there. She is now recovering from surgery and being fostered by a friend to see if we can get her to at least tolerate humans. She is very scared.

Once she is ready in about a week, I have a cage set up in my colony and we will place her there for a week or two until she gets used to her surroundings, knows where to get food and shelter, and Charlie and Blackie get used to having her around.

Update on recent claims:

  • Charlie and Blackie are doing well (see attached)
  • Templar and Putra (not claimed for but part of the colony) are now in foster care. Putra kept getting sick with the flu and I kept having to either board him at the vet or pill him and he and Templar are so bonded I couldn’t separate them. So after some time at the vet, both are now reunited and settling in well to indoor life.


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