The Cow-Ginger fight

It happened yesterday.

Cow was out for his morning patio trip. I was inside the house.

Suddenly, there was the all too familiar sounds of cat scuffle and war cry.

It was Cow and Ginger.

The two of them were lying down facing each other, in a scuffle and fur was flying all over.

I managed to break up the fight and my husband put Cow into the cage to let him calm down.

Cow was clearly the aggressor but did Ginger provoke him first? We don’t really know, but it isn’t impossible that Ginger might have provoked Cow by sitting close by. There is so much space in the patio, but Ginger likes to go near other cats. He does the same inside the house too, going very near Bunny’s Grille and this irritates Cow, Indy and Bunny. He would just sit there staring at them, watching them go crazy.

There was a single drop of blood in the cage, from Cow. I couldn’t check Cow for injuries until he had calmed down.

Ginger seemed alright so I checked him first. Didn’t find any injuries on him.

Later on, I checked Cow and found a puncture wound above his right eye and a scratch wound at the corner of his mouth. The drop of blood must have come from this scratch wound as the lips bleed easily. I cleaned both wounds and applied some povidone iodine onto them. I also gave Cow Vetri DMG, just to play it safe.

A puncture wound NEAR the eye – Cow, Cow, Cow, luckily it did not get INTO your eye. Otherwise, it would be another total nightmare. Many years ago, Cow got into a fight with Indy and Indy, being the marksman that he is, scratched Cow’s eye which resulted in a serious eye injury. Cow underwent two eye surgeries before it finally healed. The first was a third eyelid flap operation which required Cow to be on the e-collar for 21 straight days and the operation failed. The second was an experimental operation whereby the injured eye was “scratched” to stimulate it to heal on its own (I’m using layman’s terms here). Thankfully, this surgery was a success and it saved Cow’s eye.

Cow, when are you going to learn that you should NOT get into fights anymore? Especially when you are already 15 years old.

Cow clearly has an anger management problem. When his temper flares, he cannot control myself. It is his personality, I suppose.

That aside, my concern yesterday was the two wounds. Will it lead to more serious problems like a fever or abscesses? We are on MCO now and we are supposed to stay home as much as we can.

So I kept monitoring Cow all of yesterday. He was quite traumatised and did not want to eat his lunch. I had to carry him to his bowl and coax him to eat, which he did. I hope the reluctance to eat was just due to a psychological trauma and not anything physiological.

By dinner time, Cow came to eat on his own. I applied another round of iodine onto the puncture wound above his eye. There was no swelling. And it did not seem like a deep wound too.

Today, all seems normal again. Cow is eating his usual amount. I hope both wounds will heal well and there is no need for a trip to the vet’s.

As for Ginger, he seems totally okay.

Cow, your patio trips are suspended for the time being. It’s safer for you to stay in Bunny’s Place.

Cow, Bunny and Indy are known to be warrior-cats while Ginger is the mild-mannered one. Previously, Zurik was also a warrior-cat. But Ginger had once won in a fight with Zurik. Yes, our fluffy orange cat pounced on Zurik with all his weight and Zurik ran away!

So, the meek shall inherit the earth?


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