Cow’s suspension ends with strict SOPs

It has been eight days since the Cow-Ginger fight where Cow sustained two injuries (thankfully no vet trip was needed) while Ginger got off scot-free.

We immediately suspended all Cow-trips out to the patio.  Only Bunny was allowed out to the Blue House.

This morning, Cow’s suspension was lifted and he was allowed out to the patio again, but under very strict SOPs – social AND physical distancing…from Ginger.

Ginger was on his chair.

As though he understood, Cow was far away on Vincent’s table. Yes, that’s ample social and physical distancing as long as both stay put. To play it safe, I was monitoring them as well.

An hour passed without any incident, and Cow was then taken back to Bunny’s Place.

It was an uneventful trip out and this was GOOD.

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