Bella and Felix build a new nest

It looks like Bella and Felix are wasting no time. They have found a new and higher location in one of our palm trees and this morning, we saw them both diligently bringing twigs to build a new nest!

Looks like they are moving on and this is good. Based on our observation last time, it will only take about 3 days to finish building a nest.

As we stood watching in our porch, Bella would bring a twig to the nest, spend sometime there and then, she would fly from the nest, past above our heads and head off to bring the next twig from a big tree nearby. Felix would also do the same, but he would circle past our porch. It is as though they are acknowledging our presence and this is very heartwarming. If we don’t stand in the porch, they would fly high up to and fro, but when we are there, they fly through our porch. Thank you for bonding with us, Bella and Felix! We wish you the very best in your new home.

Birdy was with them too but she wasn’t bringing any twigs. She was just there to lend support. We saw all three of them flying together in a formation. Birdy is still smaller in size compared to her parents.

Here are some photos.

This is Bella.

Bella flying back to the new nest with a twig.

They have chosen a spot in the palm tree and it’s very high up, so we truly hope it will be a much safer place. Too high for any cat to climb up. The only worry is the rain and thunderstorms, but it does look rather well sheltered and protected as we cannot see it from the ground. Hopefully, there is sufficient foliage to protect the nest.

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