Bella and Birdy’s visits

It is highly likely that Bella’s nest is all ready by now. We don’t know for sure because it is so high up in the palm tree and we cannot see it from the ground, but we know the spot. It is also thickly covered with foliage, so that’s a good thing. It should be safe from predators.

Bella flies around often and we don’t see her carrying twigs anymore. The nest must be ready.

The nest is not visible from the ground, but we know where it is because it’s where Bella goes to.

Bella (or/and Felix) still swoops down to our porch and makes a fly-pass whenever we are there. It’s like a greeting. There was once when Bella made a very low fly-pass right outside our gate too. She only does this when we are in the porch.

Birdy even came to roof near our patio and perched there for awhile, perhaps to say hello as we were sitting there at the time.

We noticed that Bella and Birdy (and possibly, Felix) only fly around our house. They have boundaries, from a certain tree to another big tree. They don’t wander far.

Here’s Bella. She flew to the cable and perched there for awhile when I went out to the porch just now.

There are certainly lessons we can take home from watching Bella and her family. Even though tragedy struck, they move on quickly and get on with life. They live in the now. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. All we have is now.

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