Tabs’ bald patches

It started about two weeks ago.

First, there was just one bald patch on the head. Then, there was a lot of shedding on the floor.

Over the years, Tabs have had this shedding/balding problem before and it would resolve itself after a few months or so. I thought I’d let the problem run its course, especially since we are still on lockdown and it’s best to stay at home.

But then, another bald patch appeared on the head, and this led to more balding at the back of the neck. If it is only a cosmetic problem which will resolve on its own, I’m inclined to leave it alone, but I don’t know if it is fungal or maybe there are any other underlying problems.

So I decided to just take Tabs for a check-up this morning. She is also due for a repeat blood test because the last one in December 2020 showed a very slight elevated liver (ALT) reading. Tabs was given Cordy-Hep+C, but she reacted badly and we had to take her to emergency that night. Tabs has a history of allergy to plant-based supplements. Many years ago, wheatgrass caused a very, very severe reaction in her which led to many days of  hospitalisation and medication. We almost lost Tabs that time. She had high fever and vomiting.

It’s very tricky with Tabs.

The vet examined Tabs and concluded that it is most likely an allergy. Tabs could have scratched herself due to itching. There are tiny red dots on the bald patches. So it could also be due to flea bites even though there is no visible flea dirt on her. An anti-allergy injection was given to address the itching and Tabs was given Revolution spot-on (to be given two more times in 1-month intervals). Let’s hope this will solve the problem.

Over the past few weeks, I had given Tabs fish oil capsules too. Could she be allergic to fish? That’s the whole problem with allergy. It is very difficult to pinpoint what the allergen is.

A blood test was also done since we were already there at the clinic. Tabs’ kidney readings are good. Her urea reading is a little bit high, but this could be due to her raw diet. Her creatinine is on the lower end of the normal range so this is good. Tabs’ liver reading is still slightly elevated, a wee bit higher than the last time, but the vet says the small increase isn’t significant and we can just let her be since Tabs cannot be given the plant-based liver supplement. The vet assured me there is nothing to worry about.

These are the bald patches.

Let’s hope Revolution spot-on solves the problem.

Taking a nap after lunch.

Tabs also has permanent bald patches on her legs (the parts that are in contact with the floor). But these patches have been there for a long time and they don’t get worse. It’s probably an allergy to something in the floor tiles.

Cleo also has a balding problem on both sides of her flanks and it’s been there for more than a decade. Nothing works, so we just live with it.

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