Thank you very much, Bowling Allies!

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Bowling Allies, a team of students from Taylor’s University, who helped us spread the awareness of CNRM and also raised a total of RM656.50 for our Fund, in their community service initiative!

Thank you so much, Jasmine and team, for all your kind efforts and also braving the pandemic SOP’s to carry out your project!

Here’s a write-up from their team and photos of the beautiful stickers they sold to raise funds for us!

The ‘CNRM Awareness Campaign and Fundraising for AnimalCare’ project was carried out by the Bowling Allies, a group of students from Taylor’s University, from the 20th of April to the 30th of June 2020. Consisting of the members Jasmine, Britney, Zoe, Joseph, Enos and Julius, the Bowling Allies have one aim, which is to get the ball rolling and strike the bowling pins of society with their projects and actions.

For this project, their goal was to spread awareness of the ‘Care, Neuter, Return, Manage’ practice towards street animals in Malaysia through social media, whilst also raising funds for AnimalCare, an NGO that provides financial aid for the neutering and spaying of street animals, by selling cat and dog stickers designed by the team themselves. The awareness campaign was done on instagram, with designed posters and infographics being posted onto the team’s social media accounts, while tagging AnimalCare’s instagram account in the process to increase their network. The stickers for fundraising were self-designed, digitally drawn, printed and packaged by the team. A pre-order form was created to receive and monitor the orders for the stickers, and the team shipped the stickers through PosLaju. Within the course of 4 weeks, they managed to send the stickers to the people who had ordered them and ultimately raised RM656.50 through selling the stickers. There were a few complications throughout the process as the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on, but fortunately they managed to overcome the hurdles in the end.

This collaboration between the Bowling Allies and AnimalCare went pretty smoothly, as communications from both sides were quite pleasant and there were little to no issues with the understanding and messages relayed between both sides. “Dr Chan has been very kind and responsive to us throughout the whole project, and we’re happy to be able to be of service to AnimalCare while helping to promote CNRM so that more people would be aware about it. We’re glad to have been given the opportunity to work with Dr Chan and AnimalCare, to further create a community that embraces kindness towards animals,” states Jasmine, the group leader.

All in all, the Bowling Allies hope that this project has moved the minds of others and made them aware of the CNRM practice. They also hope that the funds raised will aid in the neutering and spaying of street animals, bringing forth a better future for these furry little friends. As this project comes to an end, the Bowling Allies would like to thank everyone that has participated in the project. Thank you to Dr Chan for allowing us to carry forward with the project, to Dr Charles for guiding us and giving us advice on how to overcome the hurdles faced, to everyone who ordered the stickers and donated to AnimalCare, and of course our very own members who have worked hard on this project. We wish AnimalCare good luck to their future endeavors and to keep it up with the amazing job they’ve been doing so far.

Below are the posters and sticker designs that were created for this project:

Sticker Designs:


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