Indy is still not eating on his own

Indy is still not eating on his own.

I bought a can of ID and fed him yesterday evening, but he did not like it and later, vomited it all out. So, no more ID for now.

I will continue to feed him his raw food in small amounts throughout the day.

This photo was taken yesterday morning when I let him out to the patio.

Once back in Bunny’s Room, he just hides under the bed. As advised by the vet, I started the Metrogyl on him yesterday and hope that it will work to alleviate whatever that is causing him discomfort.

Ever since this started, I find myself waking up at 5am every morning waiting for Indy’s loud rooster calls. It’s normally very loud and I often worry it would disturb the neighbours too. But since he hasn’t been well, the calls are very faint. I never thought I’d miss them, but I do now. Please make your loud rooster calls again, Indy.

This morning, I discussed Indy’s case with his vet and we have the option of bringing him in for admission on IV-fluids, or we can also monitor him for another day and see how things go. I worry the stress of being admitted will take a toll on Indy, so we will continue to monitor him at home and feed him small meals throughout the day.

The ones I worry most on getting sick are Cleo and Indy. For Cleo, it is because she cannot be pilled. For Indy, it is because his problems are always very hard to diagnose. Indy has been lucky so many times now throughout his 13 years. He had been sick, nobody really knows what is wrong with him and somehow, he would recover.

Please be lucky again, Indy.

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