Indy’s GI issues – the story continues (to the vet’s again)

The vet suggested on the phone today that perhaps we could consider putting Indy on IV-fluids. I was hesitant initially as I know Indy would be very stressed with hospitalisation and the IV-pod on his paw. If he needs fluids, I can always do home subcut and still continue to force feed him small meals every three hours or so.

Indy has been sitting under the bed most of the time. He’s not his usual self so something is not quite right, we know. But what….(we don’t know).

Finally, I decided to take Indy to the vet’s for an evaluation this afternoon and if the vet thinks IV-fluids is warranted, we will do it.

Indy was complaining in the car, as usual and after reaching the clinic, he was still complaining at the clinic while we waited for our turn.

The vet said Indy still looks very alert and hence, IV-fluids is not necessary. Yay! Since his earlier blood tests showed that his kidneys and liver are all okay, the next suspect would be his pancreas. Maybe Indy has pancreatitis as he does have some of the symptoms like the frequent inappetence and these few days, he could also be in some abdominal pain.

So, the Snap fPL test was done (for feline pancreatitis) and I was also worried about possible anaemia even though Indy’s blood looked good. I guess I am still very phobic by Heidi’s case where she started with not eating and it turned out to be immune-mediated hemolytic anaemia where she succumbed in just days. That was a truly traumatic experience for us.

While waiting for the results, I quickly read up as much as I could on feline pancreatitis. The more I read, the more probable it seemed. In a way, I was “hoping” it would be a mild or moderate case of pancreatitis which can be treated. At least for once, we would know what it is this time….and get it treated instead of groping in the dark. Even the vet highly suspected it could be pancreatitis.

Finally, the results were out and guess what….

NORMAL, it said.

Huh? So, it’s not pancreatitis?

No, it isn’t. Okay, that’s good too, at least we know it’s not his pancreas. His PCV is also at 40%, so he is not anaemic (a huge relief for phobic-me). A healthy cat’s PCV is 25-45%.

So now, what is it then?

The conclusion for today, based on all his symptoms, would be GI issues.

Gastro-intestinal issues.

Indy obviously has some GI pain as well, so the vet prescribed transdermal Tramadol as a painkiller. Hopefully, this helps with the pain and Indy should start eating by tomorrow, judging from his state of alertness today. Indy was given an anti-inflammatory jab as well. We will continue with the antibiotics. Hopefully, the effects will kick in and help him.

Indy was actually expected to eat by Friday but that did not materialise. Let’s hope he will eat by tomorrow.

Indy is also slightly dehydrated today, so the vet advised to do a home subcut of 200ml for him.

What if Indy still refuses to eat after this, I asked. Then, the vet said we might have to consider an x-ray or an ultrasound. I also asked if it could be cancer and the vet doesn’t think so.

So, we came home. At least we know that the IV-fluids is not needed, so that’s a relief. And we know it’s not his kidneys, liver or pancreas too. And he is not anaemic.

Indy, you mogok lapar pasal apa? Mogok EMCO?

We did the subcut as advised by the vet though he is just slightly dehydrated. It’s just a one-off for today.

Can you please eat by tomorrow, Indy? No more mogok lapar, okay? The EMCO has ended (not that it makes any difference to you, Indy, right?).

So far, I can force feed him a tablespoon of his raw diet every 3 hours or so. He just doesn’t want to eat too much, so a tablespoon is the optimum amount so as not to make him angry.

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