Indy comes out of “lockdown kendiri”

Indy has been doing self-imposed “lockdown kendiri” for two days now, hiding under the bed most of the time. He also has not been eating by himself since Wednesday afternoon. I have taken him to the vet’s twice now and his blood tests are all normal. The diagnosis is gastro-intestinal issues.

This morning, at 4.20am, Indy made his loud rooster calls. Now, that’s a good sign again. For the past few days, his routine rooster calls had been later and softer. He sounded again at 6am, 6.20am and 6.40am. All loud. Okay, that is a good start….

But will he eat on his own? The vet expects him to.

When I came downstairs, Indy was at the grille already. Out from under the bed. Another good sign!

No more lockdown kendiri, Indy.

He waited with everyone as I fed Tabs and Ginger in the kitchen.

Then, came their turn. The million-dollar question is: Will Indy finally eat by himself???

The answer…..

No, he did not.

He came out to the pantry with everyone, but he refused to eat.

Oh well…

But he is clearly and definitely more active than he was the last few days. He jumped onto the shelf and walked around the garden.

So, I force fed him again and gave him his medicines.

Now, he has gone under the bed again.

I updated the vet and she said to not feed him after this and see if he would be willing to eat by himself by this evening. His last meal just now was at 11am (force fed).

The plan is to let him rest until 6pm. Hopefully, he will eat on his own by then. If he still doesn’t, it’s back to force feeding again.

Let us wait….and pray hard!

Indy, no more mogok lapar, please. Lockdown kendiri under the bed is fine, but no mogok lapar!

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