Indy zooms around the house

A few hours after I syringe-fed the bone broth, Indy called from Bunny’s Room, asking to come out to play. So I let him out. This is the first time he has done this since the “bafflement” started.

He trotted out happily and went to explore at the patio. He seemed very much more active.

He played with the ribbon toy.

He was very interested in what’s going on in the garden.

He jumped onto the shelf and was interested to see how he could jump up higher to the steel netting above. Of course Ginger was kept very busy monitoring him.

He zoomed up and down and stairs a few times too. While he was upstairs, he did his loud meows, which is what he always does.

Does this look like a sick cat to you? No, right?

He played with his catnip pillow.

And he even came into the kitchen multiple times. I was so sure he was asking for food as all the signs were there. I offered food, but he wasn’t interested.

While he was out playing, I offered bone broth again, but he did not want to drink it. Since it sure seemed like the bone broth had given him an extra boost of energy, I syringe-fed it to him again. Bone broth is supposed to be gut-healing as it provides collagen and lines the intestinal walls.

He’s definitely much more active now after the bone broth. Or perhaps it was after playing with his catnip pillow. Or, maybe both.

Then it was dinner time and Indy came into the kitchen with Ginger. But when offered food, he turned it down and went out. So, I force fed him again.

The progress today is that he is so much more active. Just not eating by himself.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.