The bafflement from Indy

How I wish I had good news to share, but I don’t.

This morning, Indy made his routine rooster calls, quite loudly too. And many rounds as well, which is his usual routine.

When I came downstairs, he was at the grille, waiting. This is all his usual routine.

But when it came to food, no, he did not want to eat by himself.

So, that was another round of force feeding again. Today is already Day 6.

Last night, I tried one of his all-time favourite food, raw liver. He used to love it so much. But he showed absolutely no interest in it at all.

Then, two years ago, Indy had gastro-intestinal problems resulting in persistent bloody diarrhoea. At that time, I made him bone broth and he loved it so much. So, yesterday, I started brewing bone broth again. It was ready just now.

Tried that. Again, he should absolutely no interest at all.

I’m beginning to think that Indy has just decided not to eat by himself. Or has he totally lost his sense of smell, so he cannot smell food, hence there is nothing to entice him to eat. When cats cannot smell, they don’t eat. Maybe something weird happened which resulted in him losing his sense of smell? Indy doesn’t have a cold or flu, of course.

His safe spot is still under the bed.

But he is still very alert. He doesn’t appear to be sick. As long as I feed small amounts, he is willing to swallow all the food. I even fed him some bone broth using a syringe, which he drank. It’s such a bafflement. He is willing to eat/drink small amounts but I must put the food into his mouth.

He played with his catnip pillow too, as usual.

So, actually, everything is quite routine for Indy except that he won’t eat by himself and he likes his new safe spot under the bed.

I’ll just continue to force feed him. If nothing changes, I will probably have no news to update.

I truly wish and hope that there is actually nothing wrong with him. Maybe he just wants to be force fed? That would be really weird, though. But Indy has always been weird.