Finally….Indy eats a little by himself!

The magic happened last night at 9.20pm when Indy was out exploring the house. He didn’t want to stay in Bunny’s Room and asked to come out to play.

Indy kept following me into the kitchen many times and it certainly looked like he wanted some food. He kept rubbing himself on my leg. So I tried my luck and poured out some kibble. This has happened a few times today and each time, he would just walk away.

But this time, to my utter surprise….

He ate!!

This would be the first time he is eating by himself after six whole days!

Baby steps…

This morning, Indy made very loud rooster calls. While I was in the kitchen, he jumped up the ledge. This usually means that he wants food and it’s something he has not done in the last six days too. All looking good and hopeful…

When I went to the pantry to feed them, Indy showed interest and came too. But when offered his regular raw food, he hesitated and then walked away. Even after coaxing, he did not eat.

So I offered him raw liver. I know he shouldn’t be eating too much raw liver, but I wanted to see if he would eat it by himself.

He did!

But I didn’t dare give him too much. A bit of raw liver is fine, but never too much.

So I had to force feed him regular raw food again. The good thing is, he is willing to eat it when I put the blobs of food into his mouth and he is also able to retain the food. For Indy, this is a huge bonus already as Indy is very prone to regurgitating his food in the morning. So, it’s a common practice for me to not give him too much food every morning.

Later, when I went into the kitchen, Indy came, jumped up onto the counter and kept rubbing himself on my shoulder. He doesn’t normally do this.

You want some food, Indy? This was right after being force fed a fair amount of raw food just now. Perhaps he is still hungry?

Instead of giving kibble again, I tried a can of blended baby food.

He ate!!

He actually almost finished the whole can, except that a bit had to be shared with Tabs. Tabs loves this baby food. I only use this blended baby food whenever Indy has a regurgitation problem in the morning where he will vomit out all his food and then demand for baby food.

Just a snack, Tabs. Not too much.

I do worry about giving Indy all kinds of food as he has a very sensitive stomach. The best is for Indy to revert to this regular raw diet and stick to one type of diet. Maybe slowly, we can try to reach there.

For now, it’s good enough that Indy is very active and at least willing to eat some food by himself.

Indy also had some soft blood-tinged stools this morning. He had this problem two years ago and it took almost two months to resolve it by switching his food to rabbit.

It’s clearly some GI issues or food intolerance.

It’s always very tricky with Indy. But we will take it one day at a time and be very grateful for whatever positive outcome we get.