Indy and the battle of the loose stools (again!)

Following Indy’s refusal to eat by himself for 6 days and his lockdown kendiri under the bed, Indy started eating small amounts two days ago and so far, he is willing to eat blended baby food (Cindy’s recipe) and some kibble. He is still not willing to eat his raw diet by himself and I have been force feeding him three times a day so that he gets enough nutrition.

However, two days ago, I noticed loose stools from Indy and this evening, it had become liquid stools.

Oh no…it’s the battle of the loose stools and a grim reminder of what we went through in 2019, from August until December. That’s almost four months of battling with his loose stool problem. I posted regular updates on his condition then and I’m now reading back all the old posts to find some guidance from there. I remember nothing worked then and we tried so many treatments.

Here is a summary of what happened in 2019:

You might remember that we tried whatever that was recommended and nothing worked.

1. Steamed pumpkin
2. Probiotics (Mercola’s)
3. Digestive enzymes with prebiotics and probiotics (NaturVet’s)
4. Slippery Elm Bark
5. Clavamox (it helps, but he cannot be on it for the long term) – vet’s prescription
6. Metronidazole (it does not help) – vet’s prescription
7. Febendazole (anti-protozoa) – vet’s prescription
8. Toltrazuril (anti-protozoa) – vet’s prescription
9. Saccharomyces Boulardii (yeast probiotics)
10. Alpteses (pancreatic digestive enzymes) – vet’s prescription
11. Fibor (fiber) – vet’s prescription 

The problem finally resolved by itself and went away. The best conclusion we could draw from that episode would be that Indy had food intolerance to chicken and I finally resorted to giving him duck, rabbit and turkey. Coincidentally with that, the problem went away. But through it all, Indy was very cooperative and ate whatever he was served. His appetite never dwindled at all. He was as active as ever.

Right from the start, my raw-feeding friend said it was just detoxification and that I should just wait it out. Perhaps it was.

But ever since then, Indy has not been on a single protein. His raw diet consists on chicken, turkey and rabbit. And yet, he probably has a food intolerance problem again now.

Indy is also two years older now. And this time, he is not willing to eat his raw food. He is also not willing to drink the bone broth by himself.

I’m at a loss now and I don’t really know what to do. The four months in 2019 was quite a nightmare. I remember going to check at the sandpit with a torchlight at night, to monitor his stools, record it and take photos. I’ve been doing this all day today too.

The only difference is that for now, the loose stools are passed out 1-2 times a day and not immediately after a meal. For example, today, it happened six hours after a meal. But one thing I did notice is that two days ago, the stools smelled really bad and was blood tinged. Today, I did not notice the foul smell or the blood, only that it is totally liquid and had no form at all.

Indy finished his Metrogyl antibiotics today. From tomorrow onwards, he will only have the Gentle Digest probiotics. I might give him steamed pumpkin tonight although it did not work the last time.

If this is going to be another long-drawn battle, I hope and pray that the problem will resolve by itself in time.

We will fight this battle together, Indy.

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