Bunny’s chronic constipation (to the vet’s)

Bunny has chronic constipation. His stools are usually very dry and hard. Whenever I see him straining, I give him Lactulose and normally that helps.

But for two days now, he has been straining and he has not been able to defecate. Even Lactulose did not help. I also tried steamed pumpkin and virgin coconut oil. Probably because of the constipation, Bunny’s appetite decreased as well.

By this afternoon, he did not seem well and was hiding behind the washing machine – something he has never done before.

So, it’s off to the vet’s. Constipation can be very uncomfortable, I know.

This month seems to be a month of many vet visits for us.

The vet palpated Bunny and yes, he has hard stools midway up his intestines. He would need two enemas. The first is to soften the stools and the second is to stimulate defecation. Bunny was given an anti-vomiting jab first (Cerenia) because one of the side effects of the enema is vomiting.

He was given the first enema and then placed in the cubicle to wait for it to take effect. I waited beside him. Then, the second enema was given and we waited again. In about one minute, Bunny started looking for a place to defecate. The enema fluids came out followed by just a tiny piece of faeces. That was all.

The vet had said earlier that if nothing happens today, we would have to come back tomorrow for the same procedure. It might take two procedures to get everything out.

We waited again. After about 15 minutes, the vet came in to palpate Bunny and immediately after that, Bunny got into position again. The enema fluids came out, Bunny strained and this was followed by one big poop and another smaller one.

Poop, glorious poop indeed!  I wish there were more.

But it’s good that the big one has come out now. It looks like we don’t have to come back tomorrow.

So, we could go home.

Previously Bunny had an enema done and that was in March 2019. Two years ago.

But what Bunny has now is actually chronic constipation and the vet suggested we give him 2.5ml Lactulose twice daily until his bowel movement is more regular. Then, we can reduce it to once daily. I can also increase the fiber in his food.

Bunny is already on (wet) raw diet, so there is water in his food. However, he seldom drinks water. Bunny is also on twice-weekly subcut as maintenance for his kidney issues. The vet says the frequency of subcut can also be increased if need be, if only to increase the water in his body.

I’ll have to monitor Bunny’s bowel movement more closely now. The vet also said Bunny might have megacolon, but we don’t know for sure yet. Meanwhile, she prescribed B-12 tablets to help with the nerves. I will give Bunny Lactulose twice a day to see if the situation improves.

I think Bunny feels better now.

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