Indy and the steamed pumpkin

It was a long shot, but I offered some steamed pumpkin to Indy last night. Initially, as expected, he rejected it, but after force feeding him a bit, to my surprise, he ate it up by himself. I waited all night to see if there would be any loose stools. There was none and Indy was sleeping comfortably on the shelf.

I thought about Indy’s case all night and my most optimistic conclusion is this: One of the side effects of Metrogyl is diarrhoea. Could the liquid stools be caused by the Metrogyl? And can we hope that now that Indy has finished the course of Metrogyl, the diarrhoea might go away? Perhaps with some help from the steamed pumpkin?

This morning, there was no rooster call, so my husband came downstairs first and let Indy out of Bunny’s Room. He started feeding Tabs and Ginger and since Indy was also in the kitchen, he offered Indy some Cubgrub as well.

Surprise, surprise! Indy ate it by himself! It was a small amount, but it’s a huge start. This is the first time after a week that Indy is willing to eat raw food by himself.

When I came downstairs to feed Bunny and gang, Indy ate a small amount of Cubgrub again. He also ate up all the steamed pumpkin that I offered.

I found faeces at the sandpit and this time, it was soft but there was form. At least it is not all liquid like yesterday. I am placing all my hope on the steamed pumpkin to do the magic. Please…let it work. Maybe Indy knows it works, so he is willing to eat it.

A little while later, Indy came to ask for food again. This time, I offered some raw chicken and after the initial hesitance, he ate some too.

Ideally, Indy should go back to raw food because raw food has natural enzymes that would help in digestion. I hope we can achieve this.

Baby steps, Indy, baby steps.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been having some feeding problems with Cleo and Cow as well. They have not been eating very well in the past two days. But their problem isn’t as serious as Indy’s.

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