Indy’s glorious poo

I didn’t think pumpkin would work for Indy, but it did this time.

We are SO lucky.

In 2019, it did not work and we ended up trying so many other remedies which also did not work. The Battle of the Loose Stools lasted for FOUR whole months then.

This time, I decided we would give the pumpkin a try again.

Well, this evening Indy passed out well formed stools.

And it’s as though Indy knows that he is not supposed to cover up his stools so that I can take photos and keep a record too!

When Indy had totally liquid stools on 21st July, I saw him passing it out and he quickly tried to cover it up as all cats do. But I called after him and told him not to. Thereafter, he has not covered up his stools; he just passes it out and walks off.

Clever Indy.

But you still want to be force fed, don’t you?

Well, I don’t mind doing it if that is what it takes to ensure you eat a proper meal and not rely solely on baby food. He just wants to be force fed his raw food. For today, he was willing to drink up his bone broth all by himself. No need for the syringe.

At least for now we have solved the loose stool problem. Let’s hope it is REALLY solved!

Note: I’m posting the photos of his stools here for my own records. If you’d rather not see them, please do not scroll down!

21st July 2021, evening. 6 hours after food. Totally liquid.

22nd July 2021, afternoon. Blood-tinged. Soft.

23rd July 2021, early morning. Formed but soft.

23rd July 2021, evening. Immediately after eating. Well-formed. Solid.

I tested it with a spade. It is solid, glorious poo! Pumpkin worked this time.

Thank you, pumpkin! You are a glorious fruit!

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