What’s up, Indy?

So, Indy’s story continues.

Yesterday, we started well and from morning until evening, I did not have to force feed Indy at all. I thought we could make it through the whole day with this “win”, but no, by dinner time, he had to force fed again. Given a choice, Indy only wants baby food and nothing else. But baby food isn’t enough for you, Indy.

Other than being so choosy over food, Indy is active and alert and is back to all his usual habits.

With steamed pumpkin, he stools are at least formed now. It’s not liquid. There is form but it is still soft.

But the difference between Indy and Bunny is that Indy is active and isn’t sick. So, I’m not worried about him. It looks like the steamed pumpkin is working, so we shall keep to this.

There is also the possibility that Indy just enjoys being choosy. Maybe he is so crazy that he wants to be force fed? Maybe he just enjoys the attention that he is getting.

Talking about attention, even Cow and Cleo were on a mogok lapar a few days ago. But those two aren’t sick. They are eating again now, but I think they too want all the attention that Indy is getting.

Today, Indy was force fed again. I know he will eat the baby food by himself, but he has to go back to his normal food.

Indy, baby food alone isn’t enough for you. You are not a baby.

Indy: Why should I eat by myself when I can be fed? 


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