Bunny’s magical poop!

Yesterday, I was a totally crazy cat-lady, watching Bunny all day, waiting for him to defecate. The thing with Bunny is that he doesn’t have a fixed place to poop. He uses the whole of the back garden to do it. So I had to watch him as much as I could.

The vet had said that after the manual evacuation on Saturday, there would be no poop on Sunday but he should do it on Monday (yesterday). If he still doesn’t, I should give him Lactulose, which I did, twice yesterday. That is why I had to watch him all day.

Bunny is on raw food as well, so there is generally a smaller volume of faeces (a larger portion of the food is absorbed as compared to other diets). This fact has to be taken into account as well.

Meanwhile, Bunny has been very obliging with everything I’ve been giving him. I’ve been adding more water into his meals. He has also been drinking tuna-flavoured water, virgin coconut oil with water and eating some pumpkin (again, with a tiny bit of tuna in it). He’s been a very, very good boy. He is also on B-12 tablets and Gentle Digest (a probiotic).

All six of the water bowls have fresh water, as often as possible. Bunny doesn’t drink much on his own, so he gets the flavoured water in between too. I only put a tiny bit of tuna in the water to entice him to drink.

So, yesterday I was hopeful and waiting patiently. But I did not see him pooping anywhere. He also did not strain to defecate, so I guess there was no urge to poop yet. Many times, Bunny went to certain spots in the garden and I waited with bated breath. He would just urinate. In between, I was checking the whole back garden with a “fine-toothed comb”, looking for faeces, just in case I could have missed it. But there was none. I must have done this countless of times yesterday.

Bunny seemed comfortable all day, which is good. His appetite is back to normal too. When it comes down the basics, all living beings should be able to eat, to urinate, defecate and to sleep. It all comes down to these few basic things, doesn’t it?

Not being able to defecate is a huge problem. The enema is not only uncomfortable but it did not even work for Bunny the second time. Manual evacuation requires sedation (general anaesthesia), how often can that be done when Bunny is already 15 years old? There is a drug, Cisapride, which helps in motility (contraction of the muscles) of the intestines, but it has adverse side effects. Of course I hope we don’t have to depend on this drug for Bunny. And finally, chronic constipation can lead to megacolon, which is a serious condition. It’s all very worrying if Bunny cannot defecate by himself.

This morning, I checked the whole back garden again, in case Bunny pooped last night. Nothing that I could see. So I fed all of them breakfast. By the way, Indy is still being naughty and has to be force fed. I’m resigned to the fact that I might have to force feed him for life. He’s not sick, which is good. For some reason only known to him, he wants to be force fed.

After breakfast, I waited patiently. Bunny went to urinate. Twice.

My husband came to help check the back garden as well, just in case I missed any. Nothing.

Then, the magic happened. As we both stood there watching, Bunny went to one of his many spots. He got into position….

I don’t think I’ve ever prayed this hard…

As we both stood watching, hoping, wishing, praying…the magic happened. A nice, long piece of faeces was passed out followed by a tiny bit. It was almost as though Bunny did it to let us see! He did not have to strain too. It was passed out quite easily.

We stood there witnessing a magical miraculous moment!

It is slightly blood-streaked, but that’s okay. This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time and I should frame this picture up! A nice, long poop from Bunny, all by himself. Well, with a little bit of help from Lactulose, extra water, pumpkin, virgin coconut oil, B-12 and Gentle Digest. At least we know Bunny can still do it himself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bunny, you have been such a good boy! We will get through this hurdle together.

All the extra water consumption, the VCO, the pumpkin, the probiotics will have to be a daily affair now. The Lactulose will have to be continued for some time as well. The vet says the B-12 can be reduced to alternate days later. We will do whatever it takes to help Bunny with this.

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