Bunny’s ongoing challenge

This month has been a very challenging month for me. It started with Tabs’ sudden balding problem, then Indy’s GI issues and this was followed by Bunny’s constipation problem.

To cut a long story short, Bunny needed a manual evacuation of his bowels as he was too constipated until the enema did not even work. Then, after three days, he defecated by himself (on Tuesday), which was a huge relief for us.

Bunny’s supplement regimen is as follows:

  1. After breakfast, B-12 and Gentle Digest.
  2. At about 9am, virgin coconut oil and flavoured water.
  3. At 11am, Lactulose 2.5ml, lunch at 12noon.
  4. At about 3pm, more flavoured water.
  5. At 5pm, Lactulose 2.5ml again, dinner at 6pm.
  6. At about 8pm, pumpkin and flavoured water.

I found an easier “flavour” for the water now – I am using Cindy’s baby food (puree) with goat’s milk. The chicken variety is not salty at all and thankfully, Bunny seems to like it.

Bunny has been very cooperative and obliging and willingly drinks the water, the VCO and eats the pumpkin (flavoured with some baby food too).

And every day, I wait for the magical poop. After Tuesday, there was no poop until this morning when I saw him doing it. That’s after four days. However, I did not see him strain at all from Tuesday until today, so perhaps it is his new norm, to defecate after 3-4 days since he is on a raw diet. He also did not need to strain to defecate today, so I guess that’s good enough.

You are a very good boy, Bunny!

This is today’s magical poop!

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