Bunny’s Poopy Gallery

It’s been 15 days since Bunny underwent the manual evacuation of his bowels. And it’s been 15 days of meticulous monitoring of his bowel movements plus a strict regimen of extra water, supplements and laxatives to help Bunny.

I’ve also started a “Poopy Gallery” to monitor and keep track of Bunny’s bowel movement and the texture of his faeces. So far, his bowel movement averages at 2-3 days once. If we can maintain this, that would be so, so good. It would be much better if it’s 2 days once, but I’ve learnt not to ask for too much.

The vet did suggest that we could try the drug Cisapride, but I’m concerned about the adverse effects, so if Bunny can do it himself, that would be so much better.

Since the manual evacuation, Bunny has not strained to defecate. When he gets into position, the bowel movement is easy and natural. The stools are also well-formed and not at all hard.

Today was after 3 days and I was watching him like a hawk since breakfast. He didn’t do it. So just now, my husband tried massaging his abdomen and after that, the magic happened! Bunny defecated and his stools were soft and all good! In fact, his stools are getting softer every time now, even if the interval is 3 days. I hope this means there is some improvement. классические слоты, или «однорукие бандиты» с минимальным количеством барабанов и выигрышных Mostbet UZ ilovasi Также автоматы можно выбирать с помощью удобных фильтров – по жанру, провайдеру и не только. Также на основной странице можно ознакомиться с актуальными бонусными предложениями для игроков казино.

I wish Bunny could talk so that he can tell us how he feels and if he has defecated. The problem is that Bunny doesn’t have a fixed location to do his business. It could be one of a few places. So I do have to go search for his poop if I don’t see him doing it. But so far, somehow, I’ve managed to actually see him doing it except for once.

This is Bunny’s Poopy Gallery. So far, he does it only in the mornings. I remember also maintaining a photo gallery for Indy’s poop for 4 months when he had his poop problem two years ago. It took that long for him to get back to normalcy. Indy’s problem was the reverse – he had loose and bloody stools.


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