Vaccination aid for 3 cats in Bernam Jaya (Siti Khaulah bt Abdul Razak’s)

We have provided an aid of RM75 for the vaccinations of these 3 cats.

I would like to apply for vaccination aid for these three kittens that I’ve found and rescued from my neighborhood. The female kitten was found near the playground in the neighborhood while the other two kittens are previously neutered Koko’s kitten. All three kittens were well taken care of by me and have been regularly monitored on a daily basis. 

I have received permission from my Dr veterinary to neutered the female kitten two weeks after its 2nd vaccination while the other two male kittens need to take their 3rd vaccine before neuter surgery. I will release the kittens back into the colony after their neuter surgery and will continue to feed and take care of them on a daily basis. 

Attached are all three kittens vaccination collages, application forms, and vaccination receipts.

The completed original form and receipt will be posted later today.

Your consideration of my application is highly appreciated. 
Thank you,
Siti Khaulah Binti Abdul Razak

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