Another big Cow-Ginger fight

Cow, Bunny and Indy have been coming out to the patio daily after breakfast. Ginger isn’t exactly happy about it but all has been well and peaceful until two days ago when a huge fight broke out between Cow and Ginger.

We were busy clearing the garden when it happened. There was a very loud and terrifying war cry and we found Cow and Ginger locked together and fur flying all over. Luckily we managed to break up the fight.

Ginger wasn’t injured but Cow had two bleeding wounds at his ear and a scratch on his body.

So, Ginger won…again. Looks like Cow’s fighting (and winning) days are over now that he is a senior cat, but he doesn’t seem to know this.

I cleaned the wounds, applied Biosilver spray and povidone iodine on them. The wounds didn’t look deep, so I hoped we would not need any vet visit. I also gave Cow a dose of Vetri DMG.

Cow was eating at lunch time so that was an encouraging sign.

Yesterday, Cow was barred from coming out. We could not risk another fight.

The wounds dried up by yesterday and I don’t think we need to see the vet. Thank goodness for this.

Cow asked to come out again this morning and we let him, but under the strictest supervision.

Ginger: But this is my territory…

Ginger monitors Cow closely while we also monitor both of them closely!

As long as the two are apart, it should be fine.

The two wounds at his ear are healing well.

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