Rain, rain, please go away

It’s been so terribly cold these days with the frequent rain.

Between hot and cold, for the sake of the cats, I prefer “hot”.

When it rains, the cats would come into the Bunny’s Room and they have cushions, blankets, towels to keep them warm.

But lately, Bunny has decided that he wants to stay in the pantry on his chair. Now, Bunny is 80% blind so we cannot move the furniture around. He only likes his chairs, so the chairs have to remain where they are, rain or shine.

I’ve been bringing Bunny into the room whenever it rains. I’ve prepared extra mats, baskets, I’ve even brought in his favourite chair from the pantry into the room, but he keeps going back out to the pantry. And it is really so very, very cold there.

Every new place that I prepare in the room is also hijacked by Indy, Cleo and Cow. Even if I managed to get Bunny to stay in a new basket or mat, the three will find ways to hijack it later and once they do, Bunny doesn’t want it anymore. It must be a territorial and scent issue.

So, we had to resort to this….

A box-house on his favourite chair in the pantry.

At least the cardboard box will provide some protection against the cold and the wind. I’ve tried putting baskets in the pantry but Bunny doesn’t want them. He wants his chair in this position (and nowhere else).

This is one of the baskets meant for Bunny in the room, but it’s already been hijacked by Cow.

This is another basket hijacked by Indy.

This basket is meant for Bunny but Indy has claimed it and he spends hours sleeping comfortably in it.

The two wooden chairs have also been hijacked by Cleo, Indy and Cow.

Among the three, Indy is the biggest hijacker. They have their own spaces, but they still hijack whatever that is new.

I hope the rains will end soon. It’s not good for the cats.

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