Something rare

This is rare, to have all four of them eating together. Normally, it’s Cow and Bunny who will eat. Indy and Cleo are extremely finicky. Cleo isn’t so bad actually, she might run off and return later to eat alone. Or she just wants to eat at a different location. But Indy….Indy is extremely difficult. If he misses a meal, he will make a whole lot of noise for hours later, but still refuses to eat when offered. You just don’t know what he wants. But he probably wants only a certain type of food, but who knows what it might be!

Cleo is fine if she misses an entire meal. It means she isn’t hungry and she doesn’t make a hue and cry after that. She will eat in the next meal. But not Indy. Often, I just resort to force feeding Indy just so that we don’t have to deal with his incessant and very loud noises which can last for hours!

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