Bunny’s warm box-house (the story continues)

It’s been raining so heavily and the days are so cold nowadays. Bunny only wants to stay in the pantry or the patio, and both places are just too cold.

I’ve tried bringing him into the room, I’ve placed baskets, towels, boxes and mats, but he didn’t want any of them. This is also partly because Indy, Cleo and Cow would hijack anything new and this probably put Bunny off. Finally, Bunny just refused to stay in the room and would go back out to the pantry or ask to stay in the patio.

So, we finally resorted to putting a cardboard box on his favourite chair in the pantry and that worked. But what if he is out in the patio? This afternoon, Bunny was at the patio, on the deckchair when it started raining very heavily.

We had to bring his box-house out and place it on the deckchair for him. It took some getting used to, but at least nobody will hijack it here…or so we thought.

Ginger tried to hijack it. Luckily this did not put Bunny off.

Bunny liked this box-house and spent hours in it. With the additional towel, we hoped he would be warm enough.

Just now, we took a chance and brought the box-house into the room with his favourite chair from the pantry. Previously, he had simply refused to stay in the room, but the room is warm and safe. It would be so much better for Bunny than the pantry, especially at night during this rainy season.

Shh…it’s been about an hour now and he is still inside. Let’s hope he feels comfortable enough and will stay in the room. After all, this room is called “Bunny’s Room”!

The location where we place the chair is also very important. This spot is seldom frequented by the other cats.

Initially this was Bunny’s basket in the room, but it was hijacked by Indy and since then, it’s been Indy’s.

Cleo is also a hijacker but she prefers somewhere high. She has the bed and her apartments.

Tabs is the only non-hijacker in the house. Good girl, Tabs.

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