The daily hunt for Bunny poop

It’s been more than a month now since Bunny had that rather serious constipation problem which required manual evacuation.

I have been faithfully continuing with all his supplements (B-12 and Gentle Digest), extra water, laxatives, virgin coconut oil and steamed pumpkin. So far, Bunny has been able to defecate by himself. From 2-3 days once, it is now 1-2 days. Sometimes, he goes daily for a few days, but the norm seems to be once in every 2 days, which is good enough.

Yesterday was a bonus round because he went TWICE in the same day.

First thing every morning, I will conduct a hunt for Bunny poop. Sometimes, he defecates very early in the morning so the poop is already there to “greet” me! Luckily Bunny’s poop is much bigger in diameter than the rest of the cats’, so it is quite unmistakably Bunny’s. Bunny also does not use the sandpit. He does it wherever he wants in the back garden. Sometimes I have to go around twice or three times to make sure I have checked every inch of the garden and not missed any spot. If there is none for the day, I will continue the hunt until around noon. Bunny usually does not defecate after noon.

Cow, Indy and Cleo’s poop have their specific size, shape and location, so that’s easy to identify too.

And there’s the raining problem as well. When it was used to rain in the middle of the night last month, we had to get up to carry Bunny and his chair into the room. Somehow, he doesn’t seem to know how to get into the room by himself whenever it rains. Ordinarily, Bunny doesn’t like being in the room. The pantry is his territory, so he is always sitting on his chair there. He has no trouble getting up and down the chairs in the pantry, but the moment the same chair is moved into the room, it’s like a totally new ballgame for him. He doesn’t know how to get off it anymore and have to depend on us to carry him down.

So far, Bunny has been very obedient and obliging in taking all his supplements and extra water. I’m glad they are all helping. I don’t dare cut down on any of his supplements because I really don’t want the constipation to come back. I also add extra water to his three meals daily.

I’ve learnt how to gauge from Bunny’s breakfast appetite if he has had a bowel movement. If he has defecated very early in the morning, he usually eats more heartily during breakfast. Bunny’s appetite is a very good gauge of his wellbeing.

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