Bunny’s glorious pee!

After barely three hours from taking his first dose of antibiotics and supplement, Bunny was already able to urinate normally!

There was also no more straining after our return from the vet’s. That is most likely the effect of the anti-inflammatory injection.

I continued observing Bunny all afternoon.

Some “manja” time!

Back to normal habits.

Bunny ate his dinner, drank his flavoured water and ate his steamed pumpkin (this is for regulating his bowel movement, which is an ongoing effort), as usual. Then he was able to urinate normally again.

I hope this means Bunny is okay. From my limited experience with UTI in cats, antibiotics normally do the trick very quickly. The only fear is a blockage, that is why a vet’s visit must be done immediately. For Bunny’s case, there was no blockage, just inflammation.

We would still have to complete the antibiotics and Cystaid for the full course of 14 days. Thankfully, Bunny is easy to pill.

By the way, Bunny weighed 4.8kg at the vet’s today. There is a loss of 300g, but he has also been eating a little less these days, which is probably alright because Bunny is a senior cat.

Bunny and all of us thank everyone for the kind wishes!

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