Bunny’s sudden FLUTD (UTI)

Bunny suddenly had a urinary tract infection today.

He was urinating normally in the morning, but suddenly at around 11am, he started straining to try and urinate and either no urine came out or there were just droplets. He kept doing this repeatedly and it was worrying.

It’s rather strange how the UTI happened so suddenly. One moment he was urinating normally and the next, he was straining. It was barely 5 minutes apart (from “normal” to straining). Then, he just continued straining every few seconds.

Luckily the vet managed to slot us in for a consultation so I wasted no time in taking Bunny there.

Thankfully there is no blockage. An ultrasound was done too, to be sure. Bunny’s bladder is small indicating no blockage. There were no stones too, but there were crystals. The ultrasound also showed some inflammation of his bladder which is the possible cause of the UTI. His kidneys were checked by ultrasound as well and the vet said that “all’s good” for Bunny’s age despite some loss of structure. Bunny’s glucose level was normal too.

So, the treatment is antibiotics (Clavamox) for 14 days and Cystaid Plus, a supplement for FLUTD.

Bunny was also given an anti-inflammatory injection, Metacam.

I would have to closely monitor Bunny for anymore straining for the next few days. Hopefully, the antibiotics kick in quickly and solve the problem as soon as possible.

An update: Bunny had issues with the antibiotics, so I stopped that after a day, with the vet’s advice. He continued with the Cystaid Plus for a month.  

Bunny having his lunch after we returned from the vet’s. It’s good that he is able to eat.

So far, after coming home, there has been no straining. Get well soon, Bunny!

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