Neutering aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Goh Kok Ho’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Updates on all previous claims are below.

I have sent a female to neuter and was successfully completed.
Attached is the before and after picture.
However, her rectum that was protruding out, this surgery was not successful as when vet removed the sutures, her rectum came out again. Vet asked to monitor her for few weeks and will consider performing the surgery again.
My long term plan is to continue and take care of her daily need and provide food on daily basis. She is currently living in my house backyard.
Kindly approve my request for aid. I will pass the form and receipt soonest.
Here are the updates of my previous cats. Attached are all their latest picture.

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