A huge Indy-Ginger fight

I don’t know how it started, but Indy with Cow & Bunny were out in the patio for their usual morning routine.

Suddenly, I heard the war cries and found Indy and Ginger locked in battle. Fur was flying all over the place and I had to use the water hose to separate them.

Checked Indy first and discovered he had bite wounds. One was bleeding quite badly too. I cleaned the wounds as much as I could and applied Fucidin on them. Indy was growling, probably in pain and shock.

This looked pretty bad. It’s on the right shoulder.

On the left, it was just a scratch.

There was not a single scratch on Ginger. As mild-mannered as he looks, Ginger has been winning all the fights lately. Our seniors are all getting old.

The earliest vet appointment I could get today was at noon, so off we went. I know that for cat bites, normally antibiotics have to be started within the same day. The wounds might heal superficially, but it might still be infected inside and the infection would be “trapped” resulting in abscesses. It can be a nightmare.

The vet shaved Indy in three places where there were wounds and checked the depth of the wounds. Luckily, they were not deep. The intense (scary) bleeding earlier was because it punctured a blood vessel. The vet cleaned the wounds and applied povidone iodine. We will follow up with Fucidin twice a day.

Indy was given two injections; one was an anti-inflammatory and one was a fast-acting painkiller (so that the vet could shave and clean the wounds). The vet said Indy was actually being very good and cooperative. Some cats would require sedation just to clean such wounds.

Well, Indy is a soldier. He’s a tough cookie.

Indy was prescribed Marbofloxacin, which is a targeted antibiotic for such wounds (10 days) and Beazyme as an anti-inflammatory. He was also given transdermal Tramadol for pain.

Poor Indy, he was limping back home. It must be due to the pain.

You will soldier on, Indy.

The vet assured me that the wounds were not as serious as it looked. Once antibiotics is started within the same day, there is little likelihood of any abscesses forming.

I will definitely have to find a way to prevent these fights between Ginger and our seniors. Ginger and Indy have been mortal enemies for a long time now. If there is always this tension between Ginger and the seniors, perhaps I would have to put Ginger in his cage whenever the seniors are out in the patio and we are not able to monitor them closely. For example, today, I only left them unsupervised for a few seconds, and the fight already broke out. Our guess is that Indy could have accidentally bumped into Ginger. Maybe that’s what happened.







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  1. YL

    Get well soon, Indy. Looks like a nasty wound.

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