Bunny’s rain shelter (finally!!)

It took a lot of time and effort…

Bunny has finally accepted the mat in the room as his rain shelter!!

Not only is this his rain shelter, but it is also his “night shelter” now. He comes in on his own after dinner and sleeps here.

To have Bunny finally accept this mat and for him to come to it all by himself….is a great achievement!  We tried baskets, boxes, mats, different locations, etc. but nothing worked initially. Bunny rejected them all and would just sit outside in the pantry in the freezing cold whenever it rained.

I finally resorted to sitting with him on the mat for long periods whenever it rained. He would climb onto my lap and tuck his head in. From this position, it slowly progressed to me putting him on the mat and still having to sit next to him. Finally, after a few rounds of doing this, he accepted the mat and the day came when he went to the mat all by himself!

At least for now, we don’t have to worry so much whenever it rains. He can come in by himself and it is warm enough in the room, away from the freezing cold wind.

Meanwhile, three days after Bunny settled on this mat, Indy tried to wrestle it away from him by sleeping right next to Bunny on the same mat. It was a rather comical sight, but I knew what Indy was up to. Luckily I spotted the attempt and quickly gave Indy a similar mat. Indy actually already has a mat, but well…he wanted to wrestle away Bunny’s. So far, Indy is happy with his (similar) mat. Let’s hope he will not make further attempts to steal Bunny’s mat.

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