Cleo’s bald flanks – it took 12 years

It’s been 12 years, believe it or not.

Cleo’s been balding at the flanks for 12 years. It started when she was 2+ years old. I took her to see many vets over the years, but none could solve the mystery of her balding flanks so we just accepted it and left it at that. It wasn’t life-threatening, just cosmetic.

It must be due to stress from her very defensive and suspicious nature. The vet did say that Cleo was actually biting the fur off from her flanks. Maybe it started with an itch and it became a habit after that. We used to joke that it was Cleo’s fashion statement – the bald flanks. Take a look at the photos last year when we attempted a herbal cure (which did not work too):

But finally, after 12 years, the problem began to resolve by itself a few months ago.

The hair started growing back at the flanks. Both sides too.

Now, it has grown back, but I don’t know if the stress from this mouth pain is going to trigger the balding again, but even if it does, it would just be a cosmetic problem.

This photo does not actually show the flanks, but it’s the best I can get. The hair has definitely grown back…after 12 years!

“Patience comes to those who wait.”

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