Cleo’s eating problem

I don’t know if Cleo was traumatised after the car ride or vet’s visit yesterday, or is it because there is new renovation works going on around our house, but she refused to eat today.

I had thought that with the treatment and painkillers, she should be eating better than before, but no, she did not. She refused to eat breakfast and I only managed to coax her to eat a tiny bit of Cubgrub. Then, she refused lunch. Cleo cannot be force fed so the only thing I could do was to rub some Cindy’s pureed food onto her mouth. It is impossible to open her mouth so that was all I could do for lunch.

But she was alert all day and in fact, she barely slept. Normally she would take naps on the bed. I think it’s the noise from the renovation works. She is just so disturbed by it whereas all the other cats are not affected by it at all.

I tried all kinds of food to entice her, but nothing worked. I also could not force her because that would traumatise her and put her off food entirely. It’s a tricky balance.

Thankfully, at about 4pm, I tried again and this time, I managed to get her to eat a little bit more Cubgrub. Cubgrub is grinded and soft, so it should not hurt her mouth. But just to get her to eat this bit, I had to change locations about seven times. She would eat a bit and go off to another location and I had to follow with the food and coaxing.

At least you have eaten a bit for today, Cleo.

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