Cleo’s dental surgery

Cleo’s dental surgery was supposed to be on Tuesday, but there was a vacant slot today, so it got bumped up. I also requested for an earlier slot since the mouth pain was causing her so much difficulty in eating. A five-day wait would have been very challenging, especially when she already had so much trouble eating yesterday (partly, we suspect, due to the noisy renovation works).

Luckily I managed to get her to eat some soft Cubgrub last night and this morning, so at least she had some food before the surgery. We took her to the vet’s at 11am so that she could be put on IV-drip prior to the surgery. She would be on IV-drip before, during and after the surgery because of her kidney condition. The vet said she would take X-rays to determine which teeth had to be extracted. Gum samples will also be taken at the inflamed areas to check for cancer, just in case.

The surgery took much longer than expected because there were many extractions. The vet suggested that we leave Cleo to board overnight since the surgery ended quite late. But I wanted to know the results of the surgery so we still drove to the clinic.

When we arrived, the surgery had just been completed. Cleo was on IV-drip and on a heating pad. She was in the midst of waking up. Her body temperature was low, at about 32 degrees at that time. Hence, the heating pad. The vet assistant was also using the hair dryer to warm her up.

To my untrained eye, there was quite a bit of bleeding from the mouth and the nose as well. The vet explained that she had to drill a fair bit because the teeth had hardened due to calcification. A total of five teeth were extracted, some of which the roots had already eroded. It is probably an auto-immune reaction where the body regards the eroded teeth as the “enemy” and attacked it, thereby causing the inflammatory response. Some teeth even had to be cut into three parts before it could be extracted.

The bleeding that I saw was mostly from the sinuses (through the nose) due to the drilling in the mouth since the mouth and nose are connected. Initially, there were fresh blood droplets. The vet administered an injection to help speed up the clotting and later, it was remnant blood with mucous (which is not worrying anymore) from the nose. The bleeding will stop on its own but this will take some time. Of course to my untrained eye, it looked “pretty bad”, but the vet assured me it is not worrying. But, Cleo would still be snorting and I would expect to see specks of blood in the mucous from the nose.

With the hair dryer and the heating pad, Cleo’s body temperature gradually went up to 35.5 degrees. The vet said that if it goes up to 37 degrees, we could take Cleo home already. She did not need the IV-drip for the night too, so that was removed.

After more than 1.5 hours, Cleo’s body temperature went up to 37.5 degrees, so we could take her home.

The gum samples did NOT contain any cancerous cells, so that’s a huge relief.

Will this dental surgery solve Cleo’s mouth pain? We certainly hope so, but this remains to be seen over the next few days. With the bad teeth extracted now, hopefully the inflammation will subside and Cleo will not experience anymore pain when she eats. That would be the best.

Cleo is home now, but still asleep because the vet gave her a painkiller injection which will make her sleep. It’s good that she can rest during this recovery period. I will continue with the transdermal Tramadol (painkiller) for the next few days. This is applied to the inner ear. Cleo was given the Convenia antibiotic injection two days ago, and its effect will last around the clock for 14 days. It is impossible to pill Cleo, so this injection had to be done.

We’re home now, Cleo. Sleep and rest well for tonight.

We changed her to the soft e-collar back home and to a bigger carrier with the door removed.

The parts of the five teeth that were extracted. The vet showed me how some roots were already rounded due to erosion. Some teeth had to be broken up due to calcification which hardened them.

Cow, Bunny, Indy and Ginger also had their teeth scaled and some teeth were extracted, but all of the boys recovered very quickly without the unexpected bleeding. In fact, Indy had seven teeth extracted too. The boys’ had their dental done way back in 2019. Cleo’s surgery seems to be the most “complicated” compared to the boys’. I remember bringing boys back after surgery and they were up and about and eating in no time at all.

I’ll be monitoring Cleo for tonight. I’m very relieved that there were no cancerous cells in her gums. Now, let’s hope she will recover well and I’d be so thankful if this dental procedure solves her mouth pain once and for all.

Meanwhile, I did try Cleo on the renal diet two days ago, but she did not like it at all. Maybe it was due to the mouth pain, or maybe she simply did not like the taste or texture of the food. At this point in time, I’ll be happy as long as Cleo can eat without pain. Never mind what diet for now, just being able to eat without pain is good enough.

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