Cleo’s condition

Cleo is still not eating on her own. I have only managed to give a very small amount of pureed food three times a day.

Her snorting has decreased, but her appetite is not back.

This morning started with our disastrous attempt at giving her the two pills – it’s half a pill and another one-sixth of a pill, both of which I hid in a small amount of bread to mask the taste and also so that we could give them in a single attempt. I wore gloves too and my husband held her. In the first attempt, she spat the whole thing out. In the second attempt which lasted only a split second, she managed to scratch a patch of skin off my husband’s hand, tear up my gloves and scratch me on both hands. She did all this in a split second, but I think we got the pill-bread in. Both my hands were bleeding and my glove was totally torn after that. And this is despite having trimmed all the nails in her fore legs a few days ago. My husband said she probably used her back legs.

For the last 14+ years, Cleo has not needed any oral medication at all. I know I dread the day she needs it because it would be an impossible task. She absolutely forbids us to open her mouth.

After the disastrous attempt at pilling her, I did the nebulization. That was a total breeze with no problems at all. She even put her face at the outlet to breathe in the gas.

However, a few hours after the nebulization, Cleo started sneezing quite a bit. I don’t know why this happened. I can only hope it’s her body trying to get rid of the mucous. The sneezing has since stopped now.

I don’t know why she is still not eating despite the decrease in the snorting. I can only get her to lick a small amount of pureed food off my finger. I even bought a few flavours of canned food this afternoon, but she refused to eat it.

With Cleo, there isn’t much we can do because she doesn’t allow us to open her mouth and she is also extremely strong-willed, wanting things her way. In this regard, the boys are more obliging.

The sun came out today, so Cleo got some sun. I can only hope that she gets some healing from the sun.

I really did not know that the dental procedure would cause this mucous problem in her sinuses which has led us to where we are now. It started with her mouth pain that got worse through the weeks. I didn’t want her to have to suffer the pain and inability to eat properly, so we opted for the dental procedure with the hope that it would solve the problem. Little did we know that it would lead to this mucous problem now. With the mouth pain, she could not eat. Now, with the mucous problem, she also cannot eat. Sigh…

It just goes to show that even though we do something with the best of intentions, we cannot predict the outcome. We can only hope for the best to happen. And many things are also beyond our control.

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