Cleo continues to eat

After last night’s welcome turnaround where Cleo finally started eating on her own (after having not eaten for three whole days), I was still a trifle worried that it might be short-lived joy again. But this morning, Cleo ate her breakfast.

Of course she did not finish this amount since Cleo is a small eater, but sometimes Cleo doesn’t like food added to her bowl and might walk away. So I just put more food and see how much she could eat.

She is still shifting locations while eating, so I had to shift the bowl with her. All in, she ate a fair amount of Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. I’m glad she is willing to go back to her raw food already.

Since I had to entice Cleo with all sorts of canned food for the past three days, everyone found out and today, demanded for a bit of canned food as well. Bunny boycotted his food and refused to eat until I added some canned food to it. Hopefully, I can break this habit later.

We didn’t attempt to give her the oral medications anymore today, but the vet said I could continue with the nebulization, which I did. This time, Cleo did not sneeze during the procedure. I hope this means that the mucous has been cleared from her sinuses. She is no longer snorting too.

Cleo was back to her finicky self during lunch and didn’t want to eat until later. Maybe she was still full from breakfast. Cleo has never been an easy cat to feed, so as long as she eats at least one meal a day, it’s good enough.

I decided to stop the painkillers (Tramadol) today as I read from the internet that Tramadol can cause loss of appetite in humans and dogs (not cats, though). In any case, the sooner she gets off any medication, the better it is, especially with her kidney condition.

For now, I hope Cleo will continue being able to eat and the mouth pain will be a thing of the past. That’s the first hurdle to cross. Hopefully, the blocked sinuses will be all cleared by tomorrow with the last nebulization.

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Thank you to all friends for your very kind wishes for Cleo!