Cleo is sneezing again

I don’t know why this is happening. Cleo had already stopped sneezing yesterday but it resumed today. She is eating, but very little and she is being very finicky too. One meal has to be broken up into several small meals, with different types of food. I’m trying to keep it to Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub only, without having to resort to canned food. But being finicky with food is in Cleo’s nature, so that’s considered “normal”.

I have already done the nebulization for the day this morning. But she was still sneezing after a few hours, so we attempted to pill her.

This time, we wrapped her in a towel so that all four paws are covered. I pre-bandaged my finger as well. The first attempt failed as she somehow spat the bread-pill out (the two tiny pills were wrapped in bread). In the second attempt, I think it was successful as we checked the whole kitchen floor and there was no bread-pill. We also checked the towel many rounds. The bread-pill must have gone in.

Everything happened in a split second. And after that, she let us open her mouth for a second.

Despite the sneezing, Cleo is active and alert. I really hope the nebulization and the oral medication will help her.

Cleo was not angry after the pilling session. I hope she knows we are doing this for her own good.

Eating very small amounts. I guess it’s good enough that she can eat, albeit tiny amounts.

3 comments to Cleo is sneezing again

  • Agnes

    These 2 methods have worked with my cats, with 1 person holding on the towel-wrapped body, 2nd person opens mouth to syringe in the crushed pills mixed with AD.
    Another method is to push in a capsule with the pills inside. Cut the capsule smaller if pills are tiny. Ask your vet for empty capsules coz they are sold in a big pack of few hundred pcs. I also keep the slippery elm bark capsules for reuse. Hope they work with Cleo.

    • chankahyein

      Thanks very much for sharing, Agnes. Do you have any way to keep the head from swinging out the medicine?

  • Agnes

    Have to hold her head to keep it still.