Cleo’s day

I did two rounds of nebulization yesterday and this morning, I only heard Cleo sneeze once.

We also managed to pill her today…without any bloodshed or injuries on our parts. Cleo absolutely does not like her head being tilted, so she kept her head horizontally and I was able to open her mouth to plop the bread-pill in. Because her head was horizontal, she didn’t swallow the bread-pill so I had to syringe some water in to make her swallow it. Of course all four paws were wrapped in a towel. It’s a two-person job.

I also did one round of nebulization in the morning.

There was no sneezing all afternoon, but by evening, she started sneezing a little bit again. I will nebulize her again tonight.

She ate a little bit throughout the day, which is what she does on her finicky days. Wish she would eat a bit more, but a little is better than none at all.

Hopefully by tomorrow the sneezing will stop completely as I only have oral medicines until tomorrow.


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