Cleo’s little bread-balls

Cleo’s sneezing was still going on and off, so the vet suggested we start her on Cetirizine 1/3 tablet once a day. It’s an anti-histamine. Cleo does not need the Bromhexine and Nuelin anymore because her nose is not blocked. It is just a persistent on-off sneezing which hasn’t gone away.

Today is Day 3 on the Cetirizine and her sneezing hasn’t completely stopped yet. The good thing, though, is that this occasional sneezing has not affected her eating. Cleo is back to her old eating habits now (before the mouth pain started). There is no more stopping midway and running away. I hope this means that the mouth pain is now totally gone. However, she still needs to eat a meal in different locations (to escape from imaginary predators and enemies). I noticed that she doesn’t shift so much if she eats in a high location, like on a chair, table or shelf. If she eats on the floor, she needs to shift. That’s Cleo’s feral instinct at work.

Back to the tablets, we have been hiding the tablets wrapped in bread so far. Pilling has been possible this way. So, a thought occurred to me two days ago. What if she actually likes bread?

So I tested by giving her plain bread and yes, she likes to eat bread! No wonder the pilling has been possible.

Cleo likes bread!

That gave me an idea. I’ve been wondering how I’m going to give her the Renal N powder. It’s a kidney supplement and the vet had given me a little bit to try on Cleo. It’s not mandatory that Cleo takes it, but if she can, it might do her kidney condition some good. But I hadn’t figured out how to give her the powder yet. It’s supposed to be mixed with wet food, but knowing Cleo, if we laced her food with anything unfamiliar, she would be turned off. Or worse, she might just decide to boycott the food entirely, and I certainly do not want to create another eating problem just when we have painstakingly solved the present one.

But since Cleo likes bread, what if I rolled the powder into a ball and hide it inside the bread?

Bread-balls! Just like bread-pills.

So I tried that and it worked!

I started by just giving her plain rolled up bread to get her used to the size, shape and texture before hiding the powder in it.

It worked! Cleo was happily eating up the bread-balls (with the powder hidden inside). Feeding her the bread-balls did not require any pilling. Unlike the tablets, there was no need to wrap Cleo up, no need to force feed. I just offered the bread-balls after a meal, and she would eat them up all by herself! No forcing and no stress at all.

I was careful not to put too much powder into one bread-ball too. Cleo was actually chewing the bread-balls, so I think perhaps the powder is palatable or she doesn’t mind its taste and smell? The dosage for Cleo is 1 1/2 small scoops of powder per day, so I divided the feeding into three times a day. I also couldn’t put much powder into the bread-balls.

However, this only worked for one-and-a-half days….

Yes, it was short-lived joy again….

This evening, I think she discovered that something smelled funny with the laced bread-balls and refused to eat them. Or maybe, I was too ambitious and put a bit too much powder into one of the balls. Since she was chewing the balls, I thought the powder must be palatable to her and that is why I added a bit more this evening. Looks like that was a mistake.


When it worked, I was so excited and I found that the best shape is like that of a button (like an M&M’s candy). Initially, I made them spherical, but Cleo had trouble picking them up. The button-shape was the most suitable for Cleo.

But this evening’s bread-ball session was a failure. Or maybe Cleo ate a big dinner and wasn’t hungry enough to want the bread? I certainly hope it is not because she knew I had hidden the powder inside. It’s hard to tell for now. I’m not giving up yet, of course. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Cleo: I know what you did.

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