10 kittens for adoption – all adopted! (Maslinda bt Abd Talib’s)

An update: There was another new kitten, so it was 11 of them.  All have been adopted now!!

The original post:

Location: Klang Valley

Here’s the story:

On 6th January, around 7.30pm, heard sounds of kittens at the porch of my house. 
So I went out to take a look. Found 1 sack, tied and the sound comes from there. 
The sack was tied with tali rafia, some movements from it. 
Ok had to bring them in. Get a knife, cut the rope. We really hope it’s not other things other than cats (I was imagining it cud be snake)
And …..here they are. 
10 beautiful & healthy kittens.
5 with orange base
2 grey
1 black
2 white
Haven’t really take a look whether they are male or female yet. They eating well. 
So now they are at my house. I’m looking for adopters who can help me take care of them and give them better care.
I’m moving out from my current hse and I can’t bring all these 10 new kittens with me. Community cats that i’m going to bring is already almost 20 with one pregnant cat expected to get birth in 1-2 weeks.
I’m moving out on the 30th Jan, therefore that’s why I’m reaching out to you. Hope you can share this to your readers.
Sharing photos of these cute bunch here. They are healthy, have been dewormed n deflead yesterday. And manja too. Of course they’ll be following everyone who enters the room for cuddle.
I’ll be adding more photos too.