Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Tanjong Karang (Nor Dalilah bt Ab Rahman’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the vaccination of this cat, Bubu.

Last November, I discovered a box of mother cat and 5 kittens behind a surau in my living area, Tanjong Karang. I knew that surau is full of stray cats, especially male adult cats. I decided to take the cats home, because I was worried the other cats might attack the kittens, or the mother cat might get pregnant again and there will be abundance of stray kitten in few months if I let that happen. 
So I named her Bubu, she had 5 kittens, 1 already dead when I took them home. I plan to take care of all 5 of them in my home. I will take Bubu to the vet for neutering operation next month, 2 weeks after her second vaccine. And if all the kitten achieve 1kg next month, I wish to vaccine all of them and apply for vaccination aid again. 
I attached here the collage photo of Bubu and her vaccine card, the full form and the receipt. 
I also attached the picture of cats that I applied subsidy from My Animal Care before. Momi, Popo, Bobo, Popi and Kecik. Three other cats, Topi, Caca and Cicak passed away. 
Thats all, Hope to hear from you soon, 
Thank you. 
Photos of previous cats: