Cindy’s pureed food to the rescue for Cleo

Last month, Cleo had her dental done and five teeth were extracted. After that, she had sinus problems resulting from the surgery and that took some time to resolve. Finally, that settled and the next challenge was to get her to take the Renal N powder.

Initially, the bread-balls worked, but the success rate was totally inconsistent. On certain days, she would plainly refuse the bread-balls and I had to force them down, which was mighty stressful for Cleo and me.

Finally, on 31st December, I gave up on the bread-balls and resorted to using Cindy’s pureed food (with goat’s milk). I simply mixed the powder with a blob of the pureed food and offered it to her. I used tuna since that’s more tasty than the chicken. I did not think it would work at all because surely Cleo would be able to smell the powder in the pureed food. The reason I used the bread-balls was to hide the smell.

But surprise, surprise…..the pureed food worked!

It just goes to show that sometimes, the simplest idea is the solution. One just has to try.

But then again, with Cleo, for how long will it work?

Then there was also the question of when to give her this “treat” to ensure that she would willingly lick it all up. Renal N is supposed to be a life-long supplement for her kidney disease so I wanted to find a method that will work on the long term.

I first started by dividing the dosage of Renal N into three “treats” per day and I used only the tuna pureed food. First, I would test if she was willing to eat the food (unlaced) by giving her a wee bit in a bowl. Only then would I offer the laced food. This worked. Gradually, I offered her the laced food directly – that also worked!

Then, from three times, I decreased it to twice a day (ensuring she still gets the full dose each day). And from tuna, I alternated with the chicken flavour as well, and surprisingly, that too worked!

It’s been 19 days now, and Cindy’s pureed food still works…so far. I have reduced it to once a day now (full dosage) and Cleo seems to look forward to the “treat of the day”! Reducing it to once a day was also done so that she doesn’t get tired of it. At least there’s something to look forward to each day.

How long will it continue to work?

I do not know, but as long as it still does, this will be the way to go.

When we first started the Renal N, I noticed that her appetite improved tremendously too. But now, it has more or less settled down to her “normal” appetite.

I was initially very wary of letting Cleo go through with the dental procedure, knowing that it is very difficult to manage her. But I’m glad we took the leap and got it done.

We are now managing Cleo’s chronic kidney disease with 200ml subcut three times a week and Renal N (1 1/2 small scoops) once a day.

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