Neutering aid for 1 dog in Bukit Beruntung (Tan Gi Lian’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog, Inky.

Updates on the previous claims are below.

I have known Inky’s mother for many years.  She has been a stray living in my neighbourhood and I would feed her whenever I come across her. Never have I been able to approach her.  

Over the years she has had many puppies.  Inky belongs to her latest litter of puppies.  He was the quietest, the runt of the litter.  Some people from the neighbourhood had shown interest in the puppies.  

One day the puppies were all gone, except for one.  He was sheltering underneath the van parked outside.  His mother was nowhere to be seen.  We decided to take him in and he willingly followed us.  From that first day he has fitted right in.  Inky will always be a part of our family. 
Sometimes I still see his mother but always from afar and each time, we still try to feed her.   

Updates on the previous dogs: 

Blessing, Bethel and Johnny have since passed away. They were cared for with a lot of love. Hessed and Joel are still with us and have put on a lot of weight. 

Hessed was neutered in 2018. Many thanks to MyAnimalCare. 
She has since become a beloved member of our family. Hessed loves people. 
Since my elderly father came to stay with us a year ago,  Hessed has become his best friend.  Hessed waits for him to wake up every morning, she lies patiently outside his room door.
She also loves eating durian. 
Hope the following pictures tell Hessed ‘s story.. 
Joel was neutered in 2018. Many thanks to MyAnimalCare.  
Joel has grown to be a lovely boy,  a big brother to the others. 

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