Neutering aid for 1 cat in Tanjong Karang (Nor Dalilah bt Ab Rahman’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM80 for the neutering of this male cat, Boyen.

Updates on previous cats are below.

The male cat I am applying for is a stray cat that loitering around my house for almost 2 months now. I figured he has no owner since he spend all his time behind my house, so I took him to the vet to neuter him. I just let him live outside my house now, so i am technically adopting him as my outdoor cat. I call him Boyen.

The 5 surviving previous cats are all well under my care. Below are their photos and a write-up.

Including Bubu, whom I recently adopted last November, I already applied for 9 of my cats. 

First I applied neutering aid for Bobo and Cicak. However, Cicak have some nerve problem after having high fever and already passed away. Bobo is still with me, he is having some ulcer problem right now and still under treatment. 
Then, I applied vaccination aid for Momi, Popo and Caca. Caca passed away not long after, due to ‘diaphagram hernia’ as what stated by the vet. Momi and Popo still with me. They have been dewormed and vaccine as scheduled. Both have been neutered. 
After that, I applied for Popi and Kecik for vaccination. Popi and Kecik are both strays that were lost or dumped and come to my house. They both have been neutered and vaccined and deworm as scheduled.
Topi is a male stray, I just give him food outside my house. He spent almost all time around my house so I trapped him and brought him to the vet for neutering. But not long after, my neighbour found him dead, might be hit by vehicle. 
Bubu is a mother cat i adopted together with her 4 kittens last November. After second vaccine, i brought her to vet for neutering, and now she already healed. She will live with me with all her kittens. 

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