Tabs’ allergy-balding problem (again)

Tabs had this problem last year in June. She was balding mostly on her head. The problem was resolved with an anti-allergy injection and three rounds of Revolution spot-on.

This year, she started having the same problem again about two weeks ago. It first started with excessive shedding. Then, two small bald spots appeared on her head after a week. I applied Revolution spot-on after the first week, but that did not seem to help. The bald patches just grew bigger every day.

There are also other bald patches all over her body, particularly on her legs where there is contact with the floor. It’s exactly the same as what happened last year in June.

So, I took her to the vet’s today. The vet checked and it isn’t fungal. But it is very itchy so Tabs has been biting quite a bit until some parts on her belly is now infected with bacteria. The vet gave a Convenia antibiotic injection (its effect would last two weeks) and also the same anti-allergy injection as last year. It is actually a low dose of steroids. Tabs was also dewormed.

An ear-prick blood test showed the presence of a lot of allergic cells, so this must be an allergy problem again. But what could she be allergic to? There hasn’t been any changes in her food, her things or the environment.

The vet also suggested that I wipe Tabs with a damp cloth to try and remove some of the allergens. There is an option to use a foam shampoo but I was worried Tabs might react to that. Tabs does have a tendency to react quite severely to certain products, especially herbal ones. Many years ago, she reacted very badly to wheatgrass and nearly lost her life. Then, two years ago, she reacted badly to a herbal liver supplement. So I am very careful when introducing anything new to Tabs.

Last year, it took one month before the fur started growing back on the bald patches. I hope this problem will be resolved again this time. We will continue with the Revolution spot-on after one month.

Meanwhile, I came home and wiped her with a damp cloth. She didn’t quite like it, though.

I hope it doesn’t get worse.

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