Have we found Bunny’s new safe spot?

I’ve been trying very hard to create a new safe spot for Bunny in Bunny’s Place for months now. So far, nothing had worked. I’ve tried baskets, boxes, trays, mats placed in various locations in the room, the pantry and the backyard but he simply did not feel safe in any of them.

During the rainy season, I used to sit with him for long periods in the room and by doing so, I managed to create this spot for him.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few days. Someone sprayed urine at the spot, so that ended it.

In the mornings after breakfast, Bunny goes outside to patio and takes a very long nap in his Blue House. Luckily this hasn’t changed.

The patio belongs to Ginger but Ginger has been kind enough to let Bunny continue using the Blue House every day. But the Blue House is too hot for the afternoons and not suitable for nights.

Sometime last week, Bunny decided to find a new spot in the kitchen. This box worked too, but Ginger was very unhappy about it. Bunny also has to urinate in his backyard, so spending the nights in the kitchen isn’t exactly a good solution. From this box, Bunny ended up sleeping in Tabs’ litter box (with the tofu litter still inside), so that created a problem as well. We had to prepare another litter box for Tabs in a different location.

I finally ordered new litter boxes from Shopee, and they arrived. So I decided to try my luck.

Surprisingly, Bunny is okay with this brand new litter box in this particular location!

Cleo went to sniff at the box when Bunny came out, but I sort of told Cleo not to hijack the box, please.

Cleo had already hijacked Cow’s mat on the table.

The whole big bed belongs to her, but she has this feral habit of snatching places from others.

Indy also hijacked Bunny’s pantry chair and although he has not migrated on step up, Bunny refuses to go back to his chair.

I hope nobody hijacks Bunny’s new “litter box”.

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