Dog for adoption – Adopted! (Ruzila Pajio’s)

We are completely thrilled that Mun Mun will adopt Mimimoo and give her a wonderful new forever home!  Thank you very much, Mun Mun. 

The original post:

If you are able to help, please contact Ruzila directly at 0189887605. Thank you.

Location: Klang Valley

Female (5-6 months) stray puppy (found stranded inside the big drain) In front of my workplace
Name : I call her Mimimoo.
Vaccine – not sure
Neuter – No
Area : Kawasan perusahaan Seri kembangan
Contact person : Ruzila
Phone number : 0189887605

It’s an industrial area, and also dangerous for her to stay here, always big container passing in and out, and because Mimimoo too lovely towards people.

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