Mimimoo goes to her wonderful new home!

Thanks to the kind hearts of Mun Mun and Ruzila, Mimimoo now has a permanent loving home with a large furry family at Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary!

Ruzila brought Mimimoo to the sanctuary yesterday.

Here are some photos shared by Ruzila.

Meet your new family, Mimimoo!

Mimimoo has some minor skin problems, so she will be quarantined for awhile.

No more facing the daily dangers of the industrial area. You have a safe, loving new home now!

We are ever grateful to Mun Mun for giving Mimimoo a permanent home and to Ruzila for rescuing her.

If you would like to contribute to Mimimoo’s neutering, vaccinations and her skin condition, please contact Mun Mun directly through his Facebook page (MunMun Furry Sanctuary).

Not every street animal has such a fortunate beginning of a new lease on life, so please rescue and neuter. At least this will control the population on the street.

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